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New York City



It all started when Josh saw the need for a law firm that could make law approachable for the big life milestones. Things like marriage, new kids, new house, and retirement to name a few. So he ditched the pursuit of making it with a big cushy firm and started a little boutique practice.

We're a law practice about legacy. We're a boutique estate planning law practice that caters to all generations. Our mission at Gamboa + Law is to help lay the foundation of your world-impact with a little help from the law. We're here to help clients through major life milestones or get a dream startup off the ground.

Millennials and Z-ers are beginning to make huge life decisions like pursuing advanced degrees, traveling the world, switching jobs, getting married, and having kids. X-ers and Boomers are in the prime of their lives as they continue to shape our world, build awesome careers, and see their kids off to college. The Builders and Greatest generations are imparting wisdom, pursuing new passions, and finishing well. We're there for all these different phases of life.

We do estates.

We do corporate.

We make law cool.

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Gamboa + Law PC
575 Lexington Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10022


We're right in the middle of Midtown and a few blocks north of Grand Central Terminal. 
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