Our Process

Planning in four clean steps.


1. Initial Consultation

We'll sit down with you to learn more about you (free of charge). During this hour or so, we'll take an overview of your current estate and get to know you as a person and your relationships with those around you. Then we'll talk about your life goals and options available to you through the law.

2. Info Questionnaire

Next, we'll provide you a checklist and some forms to get a complete picture of your current portfolio. You'll also sign a retainer agreement outlining the scope of our services. Depending on the size of your estate and goals, your personally tailored legal documents will come to life after this step. 

3. Document Draft + REview

After we've drafted your documents with artisan precision, we'll review them with you for your input to make sure everything is in order and the documents carry out your objectives. A slight few tweaks perhaps, then onto the the signing ceremony!

4. Execution Ceremony

When your documents are edited and approved, you'll meet with us in a ceremonious event so you can sign them in front of witnesses and get it stamped by a notary. With your plan all set, we'll give you instructions how to store and update it periodically.


We're there for every life milestone with our trusty briefcase.

Service Packages

Three ways. Unlimited possibilities.

A Will Based Package

Whether you're just starting out or have a healthy amount of assets, our Last Will and Testament package will get you right on track to put your affairs in order. Remember, if you die without a Will, the court will handle your estate, meaning a judge has ultimate say where your stuff goes and how your children (if you have any) are cared for. It's never too late to start!

A Trust Based Package

You've got so much stuff everywhere and it's all over the place! Gah! A trust package will do the trick in helping to manage those faraway assets in places like Colorado or Texas. Or maybe you need some asset protection or you want to incentivize Uncle Charlie to finally get his engineering degree. Trusts are super flexible like that, and so are we! We'll work with you to get it in order.

An Elder Based Package

Long term planning can be a minefield. We are there to help you plan on what happens to your hard-earned savings and your future care. The system can be pretty difficult to navigate even in the best circumstances. We get that. Whether you are still healthy and want peace of mind or are in crisis planning, we're here to help you determine your options and get control of the situation.


More on documents we do and how we get estate planning done.

The bread and butter of your estate plan. This document's legal power is effective at death, where you designate who inherits your probate property, an executor to distribute that property, and if you have minor children, who will care for them.

Last Will + Testament

Sophisticated Planning

Our boutique practice gives you the attention and detail you deserve, unlike a big firm who may pass your document drafting down to a first-year associate.

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