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"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Words can't thank you enough for doing your part in keeping our planet free from tyranny. That's why our legal service is our way of giving back and saying thanks. We're here to help you finish strong and protect your assets. 

The Greatest Generation


You've invested a lot into the backbone of our economy thanks to your hard work and quiet selflessness. Like the generation before you, you've sacrificed for the benefit of the whole of humanity and launched America into an expansive era of material affluence, global power, and civic engagement. We're here to help you estate plan so you can finally relax and try out that new hobby you've always wanted to do.

the Builders Generation


You're in your prime. You're at the top of your career right now or you've change gears and pursued your dreams. That's how you created the middle class and the white-picket fence American Dream. Now, let us help you in the last boomer game that's just starting: the game of competitive longevity. The only contest that matters is really about life itself. Whether it be getting your affairs and/or assets in order, we're here to help you keep up your A-game.

the Baby Boomers


You're tech savviness and marketplace pragmatism have helped America prosper in a globalized economy. Thanks to you, your guys are considered as the greatest entrepreneurial generation in U.S. history. Grunge and indie film are probably your thing, and that's probably how you got so practical and resourceful. We dig it! Now when it comes to your estate, we're on the cutting edge just like you. Whether it be your digital assets, cryptocurrency, or reproductive planning, we've got you.

the X Generation


Us millennials are focused on producing meaningful work and finding our creative jams. You are probably reading this as you wanderlust through the streets of Cape Town or when you popped in for coffee at the only Wi-Fi hotspot you could find in Tokyo. Hope you instagrammed that latte art! We get the whole Game of Loans thing you have leftover from college. We can work with that. That's why we're not your father's law firm that he keeps on retainer with their rich mahogany desks and billable hours. We're a little more bohemian. Probably just like you.

Those Awesome Millennials


Even though you are doing high school or just started college, you probably have that optimistic entrepreneurial spirit and drive balanced out with a healthy dose of realism. Estate Planning is for you too! It's all about education at this point to help you get smarter, safer, and more mature. You'll have a leg up on many of those older people who still use Facebook. Bug us on Snapchat if you must! We'd be happy to help you start adulting!

the Z Generation

You're getting there! Since you're still exploring the wonders of coding in grade school, we're working our hardest to make the world a better place for you. At this point it's on your folks to make sure you are provided for in their Last Will as well as arranging for a designated guardian for you...just in case! We're there to help them help you!

the Alpha Generation

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