What we do.



We help individuals and families of all generations by advising them on the best way to own property, manage property, and leave property to their intended beneficiaries such as significant others, children, family members, and charities.


We work with a variety of estate planning clientele. Newlyweds, new parents, entrepreneurs, senior-level corporate executives, and you name it. Maybe we've even worked with the grandmother of someone you know.

How we get things done

We do planning from consultation to document execution.

We do wills.

We do trusts.

We do elder law.

We make law cool.


Probate + Estate Administration

We help those through the difficult season when a loved one passes through the tedious and long court process in settling an estate, with or without a will.

How we get things done

We do estate administration from opening probate to closing and distribution of assets.

We do probate.

We do intestate administration.

We do estate litigation.

We make law accessible.


BUSINESS + Transactions

We help start-up and emerging businesses address everyday transactional matters. Keeping costs lean while providing you high quality legal service is our goal so that more of your money can go towards what matters.


We work with a variety of business clientele seeking to change the world and innovate new ideas. Whether you're a small business owner or representing an established business, your business means business.

How we get things done

We do transactions from when you pick up the phone to document execution.

We do contracts.

We do corporate.

We do negotiations.

We make law cool.


Real + Estate


More Awesome Transactional Law.

From Contract to Closing.

Introducing Landlord + Tenant Litigation.


We are planning to work with various clientele very soon. Whether you're a new homeowner or moving to the big city looking for someone to review your new lease, we'll be there to help make your pad super posh.

Coming Soon!
How we get things done

Transactions from contract to closing.

Litigation from filing to resolution.

We make law cool.

Coming Soon!