Probate + Estate Administration.

Here to be of service through the hard times. 

The Court Process

Administration in three steps.


1. Initial Consultation

We'll sit down with you to learn more about you (free of charge). During this hour or so, we'll talk to you about your loved one's  estate and get to know you as a person and your relationships with those around you. Then we'll talk about the options available to you through the court process.

2. Appointment

Next, we'll work with you and the court to have you appointed as Executor or Administrator over your loved ones affairs. This involves a lot of filing, paperwork, and phone calls. Just one of the many things you have to do besides figuring out where to go from here for what can be a long process.

3. Marshaling Assets

After we have approval from the Court, we will help you pull together everything from the family heirloom china collection to the box of random stuff from your childhood. We'll work with you and industry professionals to get everything appraised and collected into the estate's account.

4. Estate Closing 

It will be sad to see you go as we close out this final chapter of life. With this step comes the final accounting, then making sure to distribute the estate's assets to the proper beneficiaries. We'll still be around if you want to reminisce about the good times. Everything is settled and done.

What we do

Three strategies. Sometimes we bare teeth in litigation.

Intestate Administration

If your loved one passed without a will, there is still hope. The estate of a person who dies without a Will is called an "intestate" estate. Although court rules govern, there is still much to be done with marshaling assets and filing all sorts of legal paperwork. Things can get tedious so we'll be there to assist in steps you need to take to see things through.

Estate Probate

The Probate Process is the legal process through the court system where a deceased person’s assets are transferred to their heirs in an orderly and supervised manner. The legal definition is “the act of presenting a will to the court to prove its validity.” It can be a long process based on the complexity of the estate, but we'll be there to get you through those stressful times and make calls on your behalf.

Estate Litigation

Sometimes the breakdown of family relationships over your loved one's estate lead to this.  Whether it's a will contest to going after an executor who is delinquent on their duties, we are here to pounce on them to the fullest extent possible by law. We may have fangs, but we're completely professional about it.


The usual process without problems or contests from start to finish.

You may expect (and cross your fingers) that the whole process is quick and painless, but it could be longer. The whole process goes anywhere from 2 months to 3 years, but usually takes about a little over a year.

Overall Time SettlingAn Estate

Areas Served

Our boutique practice gives you the attention and detail you deserve, so here are some counties we serve (but we can go anywhere in state for you because you're awesome).

The Tri-State area is pretty and we like driving.

New York

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